Candela Gentle Yag Laser

The Candela Gentle-YAG laser is non-ablative and therefore not painful. No downtime is required, allowing you to get back into your daily routine on the same day. The gentle laser beam from the GentleYAG laser is converted into heat energy and transferred into the deeper layers of the skin. It stimulates the production of collage, elastin and other proteins required for the skin to regain its youthfulness. This results in your skin becoming tighter and wrinkles diminished, giving you a supple youthful look.

Most patients should see results within 4-6 weeks of treatment, but this may vary based on the individual.

Since the Gentle-YAG laser is a non-invasive, It is the treatment of choice for individuals who are ‘not keen on’ or ‘not suitable’ for injections or surgery to rejuvenate their skin.


Candela Gentle YAG for saggy skin

candela before after 1

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