PK24 Vaginal Rejuvenation

pk24 Vaginal Rejuvenation

The topic of vaginal rejuvenation is still fairly new in Malaysia, as many individuals are still conservative and feel that the topic is taboo. However, there is a strong interest from many ladies about this treatment as they are seek to improve to elevate sexual fulfillment and enjoyment for themselves and their partners.

What is pk24?

pk24 is the first and only clinically tested, anti-aging vaginal rejuvenation cream formulated to hydrate internal vaginal walls and create a “youthful” tightening effect. In Clinical Trials Conducted to establish the safety and effectiveness of pk24 78%  of women tested also reported an increase in a satisfaction with their ability to reach orgasm (climax) during sexual activity or intercourse.

The really exciting statistic is that 45% of the women participating in the clinical trial also reported an increase in frequency orgasm using pk24.

Many women never or rarely achieve vaginal orgasm and according to the study, pk24 enhances the ability to climax and increases frequency of orgasm for some women.

Benefits of using the pk24 cream include:

  • Heightened intimacy and increased level of arousal*
  • Enhanced sexual confidence and experience*
  • Convenient to use and non-irritating
  • Long-lasting effect that works swiftly
  • Affordable


  • Made from a series of plant extracts designed to hydrate the vaginal walls, it triggers a tightening effect that lasts up to 24 hours, enhancing the sexual experience for both the woman and her partner during this time.* All ingredients in the pk24 cream are made from plant extracts, with various moisturising, soothing and anti-oxidant effects reflected in the cream.
  • The cream is self-applied, with a small amount on the index finger massaged into the interior walls of the vagina. It takes effect in a short time of about 10 minutes and will not be affected by other activities such as bathing or regular exercise. It can also be applied twice daily to increase the tightening effect and sexual gratification.*
  • There are no adverse side effects associated with usage of the cream, but it should not be used by women affected by vaginal disorders as the cream does not cure any other alignment or conditions.
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