Platelet Rich Plasma for Under Eye/Eyebag

Platelet Rich Plasma for Under Eye/Eyebag

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Eye bags and dark circles are a common occurrence and many individuals over the age of 20 are bound to experience these at some point.

Usually, lack of quality sleep and exercise is the main factor while a diet that is heavy in salt also adds to the problem. This stretches the skin beneath the eyes, which leads to the formation of eye bags and dark circles.

Another cause is aging, with the ligaments and muscles that keeps facial fat in its place weakening as you get older. This in turn leads to sagging, which results in the fat pads becoming more distinct eye bags.


Also known as ‘Vampire’ or ‘Dracula’ therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy begins by drawing blood from the patient’s arm, similar to a blood test. This blood is then put into a centrifuge machine that works to separate the blood cells, platelets and serum from one another before it is re-injected into the body part in need of treatment.



The platelets help the body to repair itself through the release of growth factors which stimulate the skin cells to generate new tissue. This improves the overall skin tone and also triggers the production of fresh collagen in the skin. Skin will grow back healthy and radiant, and you will feel rejuvenated as the collagen helps skin to maintain its tightness and elasticity.*

Depending on the individual, your doctor will recommend 2-3 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart, but this may vary.


You will be able to see improvements within 3 weeks of treatment, and your skin should be much firmer and smoother.* Further improvements can be expected in the months that follow and the results should last for around 18 months. Top-up treatments will be required to maintain your appearance.

You may experience some swelling and mild bruising after treatment, but this is minor and will subside. Almost no downtime is required, and there is very little risk of any side effects as your own blood plasma is used in the treatment, making it a safer option than many other anti-aging modality.


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